Tomb Raider review. ‘1,000 Ways to Kill Lara Croft’.

March 18, 2013
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Tomb Raider review. ‘1,000 Ways to Kill Lara Croft’.

Tomb Raider review. ‘1,000 Ways to Kill Lara Croft’.


Tomb Raider Review

Over the years we have seen several iterations of Lara Croft, and likewise she has become one of the most iconic female video game characters outside of Princess Peach. With her dual pistols and thirst for adventure, Lara has raided her way to the top of the video game heroine food chain. However, we have always known she was a a real ass kicker, who didn’t take adventure lightly, but we never knew what drove her down that path. Thanks to this latest Tomb Raider iteration, we get to see the fateful events that set her on the path of high adventure.


This Tomb Raider review starts with Lara, traveling across the ocean, in search of a fabled lost city. What she finds is so much more. From shipwreck, to rescue, to being stranded on a seemingly deserted island, Lara’s life seems to be on a downward spiral into insanity. Her expedition in ruins, she must find the lost members of her crew and attempt to escape the cursed island. BUT WAIT! I won’t go into too many spoilers, just suffice to say nearly everything Lara touches goes wrong.


I really like how the designers laid out the UI in Tomb Raider, and by that I mean there isn’t one. Nearly all of the game is played with no visible UI. About the only thing you are going to see that doesn’t “exist” within, is the reticle for aiming. Most games could learn a lesson or two here. Having nothing on your screen except the actual game delivers a much more visceral experience, and Tomb Raider knows visceral. The game plays almost quite literally like a snuff film. Lara can take a lot of punishment, but when you encounter a scripted kill zone, you get one chance to pass it before Ms. Croft meets a grisly demise. On the upside, the game loads really quickly, and trust me, unless you are a persistently¬†skilled player, you are going to meet death often.


All things said and done, having beat the game, I can say that Tomb Raider is the MUST play game of this year. If you like adventure, strong character development, and nearly life like visuals, Tomb Raider is the game for you. I haven’t played the multiplayer yet, but for most fans, you are gonna want to stick to the single player. Trust me, do not miss out on Tomb Raider, or you are gonna regret it.

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