PAX Prime 2014. TOME Immortal Arena

September 6, 2014
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PAX Prime 2014. TOME Immortal Arena

PAX Prime 2014. TOME Immortal Arena

TOME Immortal Arena preview

Hey guys! Nic here, first article fresh off a small hiatus after PAX Prime 2014, and I wanted to talk to you guys about a new, in-browser MOBA I’ve been playing called TOME Immortal Arena! I know what you’re thinking right now, “In-browser? Are you insane?” and my answer is straight up NOPE. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know this game was in-browser when I played it. That’s how legit the game is, and it’s fun too!


To break it down, TOME Immortal Arena is a free to play MOBA that is played in a two lane arena, however it the map as it stands right now does not feature a jungle, but a singular monster named Morthul, who when killed provides a buff for your minions. He’s kind of like the Baron and Drake combined from League of Legends, if you need to draw similarities. Games run generally between 10-20 minutes, and feature a more arcade/brawling quality which I found easy to dive into.


In the present build of TOME Immortal Arena, there are 19 heroes to play, gathered from the games 6 different realms, each modeled after a different element: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Creation, and Death. I think you can all guess which one I play, but you’ll be happy to know that the game reinforces playing outside your comfort zone as each realm grants you a specific bonus for leveling up your experience there, while leveling up specific hero XP. Playing each hero will grant you additional bonuses known as Relics, which modify and enhance the character’s play style and maxing out a character’s XP will give you access to an “Ascended” skin for that hero. Going back to realm bonuses, or “Blessings”, these modifiers will allow you bonus effects no matter which champion you play, so it would be wise to level all of the realms at some point.



The monetization of TOME Immortal Arena is decent, although I would say just slightly on the high end, as each hero costs about $8.00-$9.00 in price range, but that may change going forward. I like just about everything in this game, in fact I was so enamored with TOME, that immediately upon arriving home from PAX, I dropped some cash and picked up Malbus and The Krugas to start playing (Since I didn’t want to wait for rotation). The game features solid game-play, fun heroes, good graphics, and a phenomenal tutorial too. The only thing I don’t like about TOME Immortal Arena at present is the matchmaking but that is simply due to the lack of players during this version of the beta, and can’t really be helped unfortunately, but I expect that to change shortly because this game is great fun!

You can check out the game above, then click the link below to create your account today! Also, did I mention Bruce Campbell is the arena announcer?! COME GET SOME!

See you in the arena, Harbinger!

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