Uncanny X-Men #5 in Limbo

April 25, 2013
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Uncanny X-Men #5 in Limbo

Uncanny X-Men #5 in Limbo

Uncanny X-Men #5 review

In Uncanny X-Men #5, the X-Men continue to struggle with their broken powers, most notably Magik who, until these latest events, was the most dependable and powerful mutant, having control of her powers. Limbo has turned on Magik and will not rest until she is devoured by the dark realm, even if it means taking the broken X-Men and their new students with her.

Welcome the talented Frazer Irving to the Uncanny X-Men team, everyone. I had enjoyed Chris Bachalo‘s pencils up to this point, and I’d argue that everyone else was perfectly content with his work also. Skeptics though, myself included, can rest easy, Frazer Irving’s stylized art fits well with Brian Michael Bendis‘ new Uncanny X-Men. Bright vibrant colors are always welcome, and just look at the cover, it’s effing amazing!

uncanny x-men #5,marvel comics,nerd farm blogIrving has you traverse through his dark vision of limbo with a Rasputin that’s quite the sight to behold. The ongoing story from here will be a nice change, breaking the attention away from mutant oppression and the Avengers, into their battle through a dangerous dimension with broken and novice mutants.

Uncanny X-Men is a series you have to be reading!

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