Week in review. Release date edition

December 14, 2013
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Week in review. Release date edition

Week in review. Release date edition

Release date edition.

The twitter machine is a powerful tool, one I’ve grown to love. An easy piece of social media that connects the highest of publishers, the most independent developer, with the lowest form of humanity, well, some of them anyway, this is the internet nonetheless.

This week was filled with VGX nonsense and crazy release date announcements. If you happen to follow us on twitter (@Nerd_Farm, yo!) then you may have seen some of these retweets. Retweet!

Tweets and trailers, our Game of the Year of 2012 has a second season incoming and its release date is set for December 17th. It looks so good…but I don’t want the stress.
the walking dead season 2,telltale games,nerd farm blog,release date

Call of Duty: Ghosts get’s in the holiday spirit with the overplayed “Ugly Christmas Sweater”, free customization for everyone. Unless you want your dog to look like a wolf, that’ll cost you $2. Cheapskates.
call of duty,ghosts,festive personalization pack, nerd farm blog

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is actually coming in the first quarter of 2014!!! Thank gawd!
metal gear solid ground zeroes,release date,konami,nerd farm blog,release date

20years of Doom, what a glorious ring that has to it. Celebrate with id by buying their commemorative crap, and I mean that in the nicest way. I bought one.

Kotaku has a great piece on John Romero and John Carmack speaking of their early days making doom, it’s actually quite a fun piece.
doom,birthday,id,nerd farm blog

The much anticipated Elder Scrolls Online will arrive on 4-4-14 (catchy right?), but only on PC and Mac. Next gen will have to wait for a June release date. Womp womp. elder scrolls online,bethesda,nerd farm blog,release date

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