Where Have Your Games Taken You Lately?

November 10, 2012
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Where Have Your Games Taken You Lately?

Where Have Your Games Taken You Lately?

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A. J. Hateley has created one of the coolest ideas for gaming accessories I think I’ve ever seen, by designing vintage looking luggage labels for some of your favorite games. Let your travels to Hyrule, Rapture, Raccoon City, New Vegas, and more get noticed. My personal favorite is the Rapture sticker, but there’s over 13 to choose from, and they’re all quite impressive. You a Pokemon master? There’s two for that also. You spend much time in New Vegas? There’s two for that. You get stuck and never return from Silent Hill? Well there’s one for that, but I guess the sticker would prove you did eventually leave, but I think you get the point.

You can buy all of the stickers at his redbubble site, where you can sample his other galleries and portfolio. If you buy 5 stickers you get all of them for 50% off, so I naturally bought eight of them.

Buy the labels/stickers here.


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