Who is Female Thor?

October 8, 2014
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Who is Female Thor?

Who is Female Thor?

Just who is female Thor?

Jason Aaron‘s continuation into the Thor series broadens its horizons by crowning “she” who is worthy to posses the power of Thor, and after all the dust cleared from the Moon one woman stood tall wielding Mjolnir, but who is she? Who is female Thor? I’m sure this conversation is buzzing throughout every comic shop and comic book podcasts throughout the country, but of course I want to stake my claim into this heated debate also, so here’s my theories of just who Thor is now. Also, if you’ve got some ideas of your own I’d love to hear about them in the comments, let me know!

angela,marvel comics,nerd farm The most obvious choice for Thor would be his sister, Angela. While I believe Angela could wield Mjolnir, I don’t believe she would actively want to. She’s typically a loner and not one to tackle responsibilities beyond her own but, when opportunity presents itself and one feels as they must “do the right thing” people have done crazier things. Since Marvel recently announced at SDCC that Angela would be getting her own book, her chances of being Thor before its release are quite slim.

My second theory is also part of Thor’s bloodline, and it’s his mother Frigga. For those of you who read Thor #1 you’ll notice that she never once tries to touch Mjolnir or even attempt to displace it. Just like Angela I don’t believe she would want the burden (or blessing) of possessing the powers of Thor, but by the final push from Odin in Thor #1 she tries and succeeds in handling the mystical Mjolnir our of spite. Sounds pretty interesting right?

lady sif,schiti,marvel comics,nerd farmAnd my dark horse of the bunch is my favorite, Thor’s ex wife and the strongest woman of Asgard, Lady Sif. This I know is a bit of a stretch since she would obviously have to go blonde, but maybe all of those who wield Mjolnir and become Thor are transformed into blondes? Sif has been pretty quiet since the cancellation of Journey into Mystery, a series I thoroughly enjoyed her in, so I believe this could be her welcoming back party. Lady sif is Asgardian, strong, intelligent, confident, and fierce. If there’s one person I would love to see as Thor, it would be her, and since she’s currently not in any Marvel books, this is also a logical choice.

I scoured the Original Sin series and tie-ins looking for more people who could be connected to, and possibly still be on the Moon following the aftermath of Original Sin, but I just couldn’t find another woman besides Spider-Woman herself, Jessica Drew who I think could be worthy.  She would, just like Sif have to go blonde but, she’s the strongest woman who could handle Mjolnir out of Black Widow, Emma Frost, and Gamora who would not only have to go blonde but also get a lot less green. Spider-Woman becoming Thor is the furthest stretch I could go, it’s a theory that’s not only far fetched, but maybe not in Marvel’s best interest since she’s getting her own series next month.

Maybe you already had most of these women on your radar and if you didn’t, I hope it starts some new and fun discussions amongst friends and forums. Don’t forget, if you have some more theories on “who is female Thor?” I would really like to hear them. Comment!

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