Wii U Launching With 23 Titles

September 26, 2012
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Wii U Launching With 23 Titles

Wii U Launching With 23 Titles

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I really can’t get excited about the Wii U, I just can’t. I played it at PAX this year and was very underwhelmed. It has some great qualities to it, just nothing substantial enough to draw me away from my other much more competitive consoles. Alas, the show must go on, and the Wii U is boasting 23 confirmed titles for it’s November 18th launch date. Because I’m lazy, I’ve included the link to all of them via Shaqnews…just kidding, this Shack News. Enjoy Nintendo fanbois.

Ones to note:


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    Clever naming with Wii U – we, you, the letters… hmmm. Not anything exciting at all? For me the fact that it’s slipped under my radar says a lot.

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