Wolf Among Us: Faith review. First episode could cost someone their arm. Or head.

October 23, 2013
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Wolf Among Us: Faith review. First episode could cost someone their arm. Or head.

Wolf Among Us: Faith review. First episode could cost someone their arm. Or head.

Wolf Among Us: Faith review

Telltale Games leap into the Fables lore didn’t at all seem out of place, getting our hands on a quick preview at PAX affirmed that the series was in the right hands, but nothing could have prepared me for what was going to take place for the rest of the first episode, “Faith”.

[No major Spoilers ahead]

Wolf Among Us: Faith doesn’t start like a normal Telltale title, sure the first interactions with Toad are typical Telltale, but then you begin your altercation with the Woodsman, and out pops new and exciting surprises.  Telltale’s combat is limited to QTE’s and action prompts, but they don’t let that tid bit hold them back, the classic Telltale style of decision making still holds true even during combat. Want to throw someone into a couch, bookcase, or sink? Or maybe during a foot chase you have to make the quick decision what door to pop through. The options are all yours, and most of the time they matter. You can also choose not to fight, just like remaining the strong silent type  is always an option.

While Telltale did make the most out of their combat system, I had problems getting the handle of it early on thanks to the awkward use of the PS3’s right and left triggers. Sometimes choosing the left choice had the opposite R2 tag, causing me to miss the actions because my brain doesn’t work like that. I’m not ambyd…ambid…can’t use both hands alright! That’s what she said, HAYO! Still, the action sequences were wonderfully choreographed and I enjoyed every single one, especially when I got the chance to teach Glen a lesson for putting his fucking hands on me. I warned him, AND NOW HE HAS NO FUCKING ARM!

wolf among us,faith,telltale games,nerd farm blog,wolf among us: faithSo what if you’re the player who loves Telltale Games because of their emotionally choice filled rollercoaster, and like being stressed out for essentially the entire episode? Then you’ll be disappointed. There are many choices to be made in episode one, but very few times, with the exception of the biggest choice in the middle of the episode, did I ever feel that sick knot in my stomach like most of The Walking Dead. But I liked that about the Wolf Among Us. I liked that it was different, that I could play a different role in the world, the role of the detective.

That was the highlight of Wolf Among Us: Faith for me, solving the murder of someone who didn’t hate me was brilliant fuel to keep me burning the midnight oil. I looked at every scene, every piece of evidence with a furrowed brow and an open mind. Every picture a clue, every interaction an interrogation, and every person a suspect. I loved every minute of it.

Wolf Among Us does a lot of things right, the most evident being it’s color palette and music. Night time in the city is just beautiful, the darkness of night is replaced by this gorgeous purple that covers every building, neon signs glow brightly from windows, and those vibrant colors are then broken by street lamps and burning of cigarettes. The symphonic soundtrack hides in the background, but it’s almost hard to ignore the soft synthesizer gracing every scene. It’s actually a subtle and brilliant combination.

Personally, I loved it more than The Walking Dead, a game that we put as our Game of the Year just last year. That says a lot, and I’m looking forward to every chapter, and after what happened at the end of The Wolf Among Us: Faith, I think my attitude of chipper Mr. Nice Wolf is going to turn into Mr. I’m Gonna Beat The Shit Out Of Everyone Wolf.

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