Xbox One Impressions

May 21, 2013
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Xbox One Impressions

Xbox One Impressions

Xbox One Impressions

I know everyone has just been dying to hear my opinions on Microsoft’s press event. Instead of boring you with technical jargon and drab details, I’m going straight to my Xbox One impressions of today’s two hour Xbox One reveal.

Lackluster is the word I’ve used to describe what was supposed to be a momentous event. That’s my perspective as an avid gamer and gaming blogger. So how would the event have looked through the eyes of a broader audience, one who wants to experience a flawless TV viewing experience, a new way to battle my friends in sports games, and a way to make my living room a proverbial social circle? Then Microsoft’s reveal was a home run.

But I’m not here to talk on Skype. I don’t care about fantasy football from EA. I don’t want a console that does the same thing as my cable box, just with a prettier menu. And as much as I love twitter, I don’t really want my feed spamming my ever growing achievements list.

So as a gamer, what did the Xbox One reveal show? Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until E3 for that. With over 3/4 of the show being dedicated to the ever growing audience of casual gaming/entertainment experiences, the actual videogames were an afterthought. That is unless you’re a huge fan of Call of Duty…or dogs…which was kind of cool.

Admit it, you know that dogs going to die in the end. It’s sad but true, we kill off characters like it’s going out of style, you kill one dog and people will cry and remember it forever.

xbox one,controller,microsoft,nerd farm blogHigh point of the reveal was the very impressive specs of the Xbox One, 500GB hard drive and 8GB of ram with the expected Blu-Ray disc player. The option to record your gameplay is a nice touch, but something Sony looks to have a better grasp on.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, achievements are nice, they make us feel good inside, like we accomplished something while simultaneously accomplishing nothing, but Miscrosoft wasting a point of the event to talk about “dynamic” achievements was also a waste of our time. If you care about achievements that much, I implore you to reevaluate your life goals.

There’s a fire brewing across the internet, one Microsoft is going to have to do a lot of explaining about. Data. Specifically, disc data. The Xbox One will allow you to play your game while the disc downloads the data onto your console. The disc is merely a delivery mechanism, the data is saved on your console and Xbox profile, which in turn is saved on the 300,000 xbox cloud servers. So what happens to the disc when you trade it in? *crickets* Microsoft has no answer. It’s a very gray area.

xbox one,microsoft,nerd farm blogSo instead of raging about how the Xbox One looks like a giant VCR and doesn’t care about gamers, we must wait until we see just a little bit more from E3. I do still have my fears, the ever declining library of AAA games, developers, and publishers says that other forms of entertainment are going to be needed in the next gen console war. Money is king, and Microsoft will dump games if they don’t bring in the dough.

In my sincerest opinion, at this point, I’m more impressed with the PlayStation 4 as a gaming console, and where their future is with gamers, developers, and the gaming community as a whole.

Farm on.

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  1. Stephanie Payne

    I think your review is spot on! I really am hoping to be more excited after E3. It’s funny to me, because I am not a huge gamer. I am definitely more of a social and entertainment person. But I really was disappointed by the lack of games. When I do sit down to play, I want good games that are fun and well done. Whether I can tell my GAMING console to watcha certain show means squat to me. I don’t play Call of Duty, but I would totally play if I could play as the dog. HAHA.

    Great post!

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