Xbox One Titanfall bundle is official.

February 24, 2014
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Xbox One Titanfall bundle is official.

Xbox One Titanfall bundle is official.

Xbox One Titanfall bundle is official

Rumors were running rampant early on about a Titanfall bundle, those rumors would soon lie low into quiet whispers. I myself began to doubt there would even be a bundle, with a mere two weeks until the launch of Titanfall. But without fail, and with a chance to try and catch up to the PS4’s console sales, Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle will still be $499 but it’ll include a free version of Titanfall with one month of free Xbox Live Gold (whoopy). Although the Titanfall game will only be a download code, it’s still a pretty good deal. However, the console doesn’t look any different, doesn’t come with more hard drive space, or any other extras at all for that matter.

Titanfall is a system seller, plain and simple. Hell, it’s the game that’s currently making me get an Xbox One. Titanfall is literally holding me at mech gunpoint and commanding me to pick up the Xbox One Titanfall bundle. This is THE smartest move Microsoft could have made, the second smartest move was delaying the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall by 30 days so they could capitalize on money burning holes in gamers pockets, chomping at the bit for just a little taste of Titanfall.

While I’m disappointed the Xbox One Titanfall bundle only comes with a download code, I’m curious to see how much actual space Titanfall will take up. Rumor has it it’ll be around 20GB of data. Microsoft also announced a price drop of $100 in the UK, and only in the UK, while rumors around the GameStop water cooler suggest Microsoft plans to sell digital copies of games for $20 cheaper than retail.

I love seeing consoles battle for numbers, it saves us so much money!

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